The Pain/Terror Technique


      The Pain/Terror Technique (P/TT) is a simple and gentle technique that releases emotional pain.  Using a combination of breathing and visualization, the P/TT releases the pain underlying feelings of trauma, loss, guilt, depression, anxiety, and shame.  


      Many behaviors also have pain as an underlying dynamic.  Procrastination, overeating, many apparent compulsive behaviors, are the result of an underlying emotional pain.  The P/TT releases this emotional pain, changes behaviors and feelings associated with the pain, and allows normal feeling and behavior to emerge.   There is no need for affirmations, or working through beliefs, or installing a positive future.  Once the pain was been released, the deeper un-pained self emerges and creates new feelings and beliefs that resonate with the new emergent self.

      The basic P/TT is simple protocol that most people can easily do.  You can download the instructions here.  You will be able to release any emotional pain.

      The challange is using this protocol is to discern the pain that underlies behaviors and feelings where the pain is not obvious.  The Pain/Terror Release Workbook can help  you work through these issues.  However, because it is not often easy to do therapy on yourself, as your blind spots can make it hard to understand what to do, seek professional help utilziing the P/TRT for more difficult problems.

© Robert Miller 2014